Ground Control

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Now that the convention season is over and both LibertyCon and DragonCon are behind me, I can now get back to my new projects.

A little while a go a really nice commercial plugin for Lightwave 3D; Gound Control, was open sourced by the fine folks at Digital Carvers Guild.   The original works great in older versions of Lightwave, but with the major changes that came with the relase of LW 2018, several key functions broke.   Rather than let the plugin wither and die, its developer gave the community a gift and open up the source for anyone who wants to take it, make it work and expand it beyond it’s current functioanlity.   In short,  he gave it to the people who need it most.  The users.

I have created a fork of the project and successully gotten it to compile and all basic functionality working under Lightwave 2018.  At this point, I need people who have been using GC under older versions to send me sample data files of all types, especially files that push the limits on what the plugin does.   Especially helpful are the orignal data files and the output models to compare with.

The original Github repo is at:

My fork can be found at my own Github repo:

I’m also looking for ideas for expanding functionality and utility, improvements in the interface or anything else to make this plugin even better.   We have the source, now let’s do something awesome with it.


It’s Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Like a bad 80’s franchise, we’re back from the dead. More details soon.

Today’s Moment of Motorcycle Maintenance… er.. Zen.

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Context: discussion of the sparsity and vagueness of LDAP documentation:

Engineer 01: there has to be some secret cabal of the keepers of the ancient knowledge

Engineer 10: Yeah, they all live in a hidden valley in the Colorado mountains. Smoking ganja by the pound and laughing all us kids with our fancy GUIs.

Engineer 01: pretty f-ing much

Engineer 10: One day, I shall be met by the ghost of Dennis Ritchie and be shown the way to that shangri-la of geekdom.

Engineer 01: and then you get recruited as a new sysadmin in the fight to keep the “Universal Machine” running

Engineer 10: Next up on Cyber-Battles!! It’s Universal Machine vs. Turing Machine! Which one will win? The Machine War had BEGUN!!!!

On the Safety of Vaping

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The discussion of vaping in public spaces at a local Atlanta convention came up a couple of days ago.  As anyone could predict, much muppet-flailing ensued on both sides with more mis-informed and un-informed opinions than you routinely see on CSPAN when discussing anything scientific than how to take a bribe.   (and we all know that politicians are born knowing how to do that..that’s why they’re politicians)

First, on the toxins released by ejuice on inhalation (ie…the maximum exposure possible. Exhaled vapor is going to be significantly less than this by fact that your lungs absorb a majority of it).

From the Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology we have a study entitled: Comparison of select analytes in aerosol from e-cigarettes with smoke from conventional cigarettes and with ambient air


The takeaway from that study is that the levels of HPHCs in the aerosol (ie.. “vapor”) were consistent with the air blanks (ie.. ambient air in the room) at <2 micrograms / puff.

Mainstream cigarettes were in the level of 3,000 micrograms/puff.

Table 5 is the one you want to look at:

I don’t care about cigarettes as this is about vaping so I’m only going to give those numbers:

The range of e-cigs tested came up at 1.7micrograms/puff (on average, range is 1.5 to 2.0).
Air comes up at 1.6 micrograms/puff.

Four of the classes of HPHCs being tested for were lower than was reliably measurable, but again, consistent with *air*.

Remember, this is the *inhaled* vapor, not exhaled.  The lungs hold onto much of the particulates and most of the chemicals.

(addendum using data from the study talked about below)

Normal breathing (~ 20 breaths/ minute) in a room with a low, but measurable amount of cigarette smoke yields an intake of 1 microgram of nicotine every THREE HOURS of breathing..  The study above shows the levels of nicotine in vapor from ecigs or ejuice to be 15% of that of cigarettes.   Using those numbers, you’d need to be in a room for 21 hours or so to get the same dose, or the amount of ‘vapor’ in the air would need to be 7 times as high.


The topic of nicotine exposure from exhaled vapor (I refuse to call it ‘smoke’ or especially ‘second hand smoke’) comes up a lot too.

From the study: Nicotine yields to the aerosol were approximately 30 μg/puff or less for the e-cigarette samples and were 85% lower than the approximately 200 μg/puff from the conventional cigarettes tested.

So, whereas there is a measurable amount of nicotine in vapor, it’s miniscule compared to cigarettes.


While we’re talking about nicotine exposure, let’s look at other things that expose us to nicotine.

This time, let’s look to the New England Journal of Medicine and a study called “The Nicotine Content of Common Vegetables

(and no, I don’t mean your dear uncle Fred who lives in his mother’s basement at 45 years old surfing /b/chan 20 hours a day)

Go read the study if you’re inclined:

But here’s the gist.   Certain human foods, especially the plants in the Solanaceae family (potatos, tomatoes, eggplant, etc..) contain  nicotine in measurable quantities high enough to result in nicotine byproducts to be expressed in urine (ie.. cotinine).

I’ll let you look at the study, but you’d have to eat 140g of potatoes to get the same nicotine as breathing normally for 3 hours in a room with a low amount of cigarette smoke.

Normal breathing in those conditions gives you 1 microgram of nicotine in 3 hours.

Power Rangers De-Boot fan short.

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Or what I like to call the “Shut Up And Take My Fucking Money!!!” Power Rangers fan short.

I won’t spoil it for you by telling you more than this:  Watch it.  If you hated Power Rangers, watch it.  If you loved Power Rangers, watch it.  If you don’t have a single fraking clue who the Power Rangers were, then you should still watch it you old decrepit troglodyte who didn’t have a TV in the 80s or 90s.

Nudity (very brief, but oh so lovely), language, violence, and (in the words of Darph Bobo) Bloody Vengeance!!!!

UPDATE:   Vimeo has pulled the video.  They apparently don’t understand the concept of parody and derivative works.   Queue “The Streisand Effect” in 5…4….3…

So, with that said, here’s a youtube link:

Superfish, https redirects and other security stupidity

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First there was a $300m bank heist that was driven out of the news by the NSA (again) snooping on everyone (well, yeah.. this is news?) and then the news broke of one of the most boneheaded tech decisions since Sony’s rootkit laden audio CDs.

With that kind of week, you know the awesome weight of attention turned on one little company’s products,ie.. superfish, was going to turn up more and more fun for us security types.   Lo and behold, here’s what’s behind door number 2.

The SSL exploit code has been identified in at least a dozen more apps,  several of them marketed as security apps.  If that wasn’t enough, it’s been discovered that it also signs invalid or self-signed certificates for you and presents them as valid to the browser.  An in depth technical explanation of just how nasty this can be is out at who seems to be rapidly becoming the go-to place for info on this debacle.

Microsoft has stepped up to the plate with an update to Windows Defender to help clean up this mess.  All I see in Windows Updates is one for IE 11 and an ASLR but in Jscript9.dll.   I haven’ t tracked down the details from Microsoft’s site about the Defender update, but The Verge has some good info on it.

So now that the work deployment I’m assisting with (I’m on call.. if it goes bad, I get woken up anyway so might as well be useful, ya know?) is done, I’ll bring this post to a close and leave you all crying in your beer and cursing at your packet dumps.  After all, how much worse could it get?


Lenovo & Superfish == Sony Rootkit redux?

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Seems Lenovo got the bright idea that they wanted to be in the adware business and started shipping Superfish adware system that uses a self signed root cert to basically commit a MITM attack and intercept HTTPS connections.   Why?  To inject adverts, of course, because we all know there aren’t enough advertisements on the net these days.

Ars Technica’s article has a good summary and Errata Securty’s blog goes even deeper into the mess.  If you bought a Lenovo laptop any time after October of last year (though some say as early as June) there’s a good chance you have this abomination installed.   The Errata Security link above will walk you through testing for and uninstalling it.

This is why we can’t have nice things and why any company that lets marketing make these kinds of decisions deserves the pounding they get from the users and buyers of their products.  There is absolutely no excuse for this in 2015. Period.

Lenovo just took themselves off my list of considerations for my new laptop this spring.  I’ve been looking for a 4k laptop to replace about 90% of what I use my desktop for and Lenovo had a couple of good prospects.  Not any more.  Damned shame, really.  I love their hardware, at least on the upper end.


Equation Group, Stuxnet and the NSA

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A few links to get you started then I’ll return later today for more analysis.

One of the most impressive bank heists outside Hollywood:  Bank Heist Steals Millions
Sophistication that would make even William Gibson envious: Beyond Stuxnet and Flame
And you guessed it, The NSA is involved (maybe): Sources connect NSA spying with hacks reported by Kaspersky.

More later as I have time to read and research.  If you have something, post it in the comments.



Beige.. I think I’ll paint the universe beige…

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Or at least a nice latte color.

While staring up at that black sky (or rather, the light grey sky if you’re near a big city.. damned light polluters!) think about this:

The sky is a light latte color.  More specifically, a “Cosmic Latte” color.

For a more scientific explanation and a good demonstration of what happens when a bunch of astronomers and astrophysicists get bored: Go to the original article here: The Cosmic Spectrum and the Color of the Universe

On the character of Wesley Crusher

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Or the things that float through my mind while watching paint dry servers build.

(pure unedited stream of consciousness)

Wesley could have been such a great character..  starts out at about 10-11 years old at beginning of the show.. adhd, very easily frustrated by the stupid adults around him, explores everything anywhere, often getting into trouble.  Not a ‘whiz kid fix it by the end of the show deus-ex-wesleya.  Just a hyper intelligent brat.

As the show progresses and he ages, he is drawn to Data, Geordi, etc.. because they’re at least smart enough to keep up and take a bit of interest.  He still gets more and more withdrawn into his own world and studies.  Spends inordinate amount of time hyperfocused on whatever interests him at that point, often triggered by some minor or major thing going on around him.   Driven to prove himself their equal or better.

By mid series he’s 15-16 and really hitting both his mental stride (outstripping even geordi on theory at times, if not necessarly practical application) and spending more and more time alone.   Gets kind of scary at times, intense, focused, extremely impatient with anyone and anythign that interrupts him.

Outwardly, it looks almost bipolar with grandiosity, bouts of isolation / depression / moodiness with sudden bursts of energy and effusive megalomania.    What’s really going on is the hyper focus vs. exploration and searching for the next problem to solve.

near end series, he’s old enough to be a civilian part of the science teams and working on and off with data, et al..  Starts encountering some of the aliens of the week and from that encounters Q who takes a bit of interest in him.   End series includes Q introducing wesley to the ‘ascended’ one who takes him away for further study and growth, etc…   He ‘Graduates’ from his mere human limits and eventually becomes one of the great scientific minds.

Very good, solid arc for that character.   Would have taken writing a 6-7 year arc for him, but could have been done.  He wouldn’t have been in every episode except maybe in the background or a passing moment in 10-forward.  If that.

Take out the Q factor and just have him, on his own, communicating on-line with other scientists, theoreticians, etc… and one of them agrees to sponsor him to something like the equivalent of the MIT or some hyper-think tank or some such.  No big finish, no ‘Wesley’s a god now’ or other bullshit.  Just the normal life arc for a hyper intelligent military brat.

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