A bit of fiction: “Wizards”

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This is rough, off the top of my head, stream of consciousness and unfinished. Will finish it later. But thought I’d share:

The long bearded, corpulent man grunted and hummed as he removed the chain from around his kneck. Hanging from that chain was a small amulet, shiny with the sigils of it’s maker upon it in indeilible ink. He moved the puck around the surface of the table, occasionally stopping to point at a particular image or sigil on the screen. Satisfied with the configuration of symbols before him, he inserted the amulet, or “key” as he called it, into the receptical on the front of the steel case next to the table.

Almost as if by magic, additional symbols appeared before him. With the sure confidence of a grand master of his trade, his hands few across the keys, typing incantations in a language that appeared almost, but not quite, english.

With a flourish and a firm snap, he hits the “enter” key and submits his request, nay, his demands, to the powers that inhabit the spaces in between. A cybernetic space of electron clouds and magnetic particles where the knowledge of the human race floats, ready to be “wikied” and “googled”.

(to be continued)