New GNU Screen – 4.2.1 – first in 6 years.

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For all you console junkies (the command console, not that WeePlayBOne thing), Amadeusz Sławiński and friends have released the first new update to GNU Screen in six years.  I’ve pulled the source and compiled it (under CentOS 6.5, GCC 4.4.7, Kernel 2.6.32, bash 4.1.2).

You can find the new source here: GNU Screen 4.2.1

I’ll be putting the new options and features through their paces over the next few days as I go about my day to day Ops duties.  I use screen much more now than in the past, so this should be an adventure.

I’m interested in hearing other’s take on the new features.  Drop them in the comments below.