New phone, same as the old phone.

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Got my new phone. My old Samsung Galaxy S 4g (yeah, it’s *that* old, only 512mb of on board storage, maxed at Android 2.3) finally pissed me off enough to replace it. 2-3 reboots / day and locks up randomly. Missed a couple of very important calls yesterday because of it.

New HTC One (yeah, tethered myself to t-mobile another 2 years.. shrug) feels GREAT in the hand, the HTC sync software that does a wifi migration from old phone to new worked wonderfully. That was a very good thing since the 16GB sd-card in the old phone doesn’t have a slot to live in on the new phone.  The transfers took about an hour in all, but went off without a single hitch.  Well, one hitch, but that’s not the software’s fault.

Everything else is awesome except one.. tiny.. infuriating… thing.

The SIM card. The SIM card on the galaxy is a full sized card. The HTC One uses the new micro-sim card. That means I have to take time tomorrow and go into the t-mobile store to have them activate the new sim on my current account and number. Hopefully they won’t screw up my account this time.

(update) Called T-Mobile to get the new sim card activated and my account configured on it.  Took about 30 minutes in all, but most that was waiting for the callback.  I left the sim in the box, in my van, in the parking lot.  After retrieving it, and getting the callback (on time, yea t-mobile!), everything went smoothly.

So far, I really like the HTC.  First comment from a couple of people I called once it was live, was “did you get a new phone?  I can understand you, even with that pipe clenched in your teeth.”

Overall, with the 2 and a half days I’ve used it so far, I’m extremely pleased.  I’ll be diving deeper into the wonders of the new Android version and having enough room on the phone to, you know, install stuff.