Oh, no! Another tech blog!

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I’ve been posting random tech screeds on facebook, livejournal, google+ and, yes, in the day, even tribe, for years.  Whereas those sites are good for short term discussion or even some intense debates, they are, by definition, ephemeral.   The noise is too high, and traffic too voluminous to really do any deep topic justice.

So what’s an overactive, overachieving tech geek to do?  Why start a blog, that’s what!    I intend this space to be one for discussion, debate, geek-measuring, showing off and just about any random tech related thing that passes through what some neurologists insist is merely a brain.

So, without further ado, here.   Remember, the flogging will continue until intelligence improves.

Enjoy.  No, really, I insist.  ENJOY THIS, DAMNIT!